Clean water can change every aspect of people's lives. It can improve their health, provide them with food, give them jobs and boost the local economy. It supports education, because precious time isn't wasted collecting water and it raises the chances for women and girls, who this burden often falls to.  

Almost 1 in 10 of the world's population lives without clean water, something we take entirely for granted. It kills more people annually then all forms of violence including war, and tragically nearly half of these deaths are children under five. 

The problem is huge but the answer can be very simple. Implementing sustainable, community owned clean water projects is incredibly effective, which is why we are committed to giving 100% of our profit to doing exactly that. While we grow we're making sure at least 25p from every bottle sold supports our aims. 

We work with Frank Water, a Bristol charity that provides safe drinking water and sanitation for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Founded in 2005, the charity has reached 300,000 people in 210 communities.
You can read more about Frank Water here.

"It's so simple, drink great wine and give people clean, safe water. For every bottle of wine they sell, Vin2o donate 25p to FRANK Water. It's an effective, easy to understand partnership that benefits some of the most vulnerable people in the world". Katie Alcott - CEO & Founder, Frank Water